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City Asks Public for Feedback on Redevelopment Plans for Sports Arena Area

The City of San Diego will put the plans on a special website for public viewing and feedback Friday morning. It’ll be live for 11 days until July 20

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The City of San Diego has unveiled several developer's proposals for the revitalization of the Sports Arena area through a virtual "open house" that debut on their website Friday.

San Diegans will be able to take a look at several developer proposals and give feedback starting Friday morning. The special website will be live for 11 days, until July 20.

“I think it’s always a good idea to include the public. That’s who we serve, that’s what city government should be about. So I think the city is attempting to be more transparent and take into account what the citizens want and believe,” Councilwoman Jennifer Campbell said.

NBC 7 SportsWrap got a look at one of those proposals by San Diego Loyal SC. Take a look here.

Today, the area is home to the Pechanga Arena San Diego on Sports Arena Boulevard – formerly the San Diego Sports Arena, hence its forever-nickname.

That venue is used for concerts and touring events like “Disney on Ice.”

It’s also where the San Diego Gulls play pro hockey when they’re home and where the San Diego Seals lacrosse team plays. The San Diego Sockers also use the arena.

Retail shops and a parking lot round out the Sports Arena area.

According to the city, this community “is undergoing extensive revitalization and is a leading commercial center with diverse retail and affordable housing opportunities.”

And the city thinks it’s time to explore those opportunities.

The developer's proposals must advance the area’s vision of a “pedestrian and transit-oriented landmark that sustainably incorporates a mix of entertainment, office retail, residential, affordable housing, recreational, public and park/plaza uses.”

In those bids, companies can also propose the renovation or even the rebuilding of Pechanga Arena San Diego, the city said. The arena could be replaced with new commercial retail, office space, or residential options.

“The problem is that area needs beautification desperately. It’s very blighted over there,” Campbell said. “It’s near public transit, and we want to increase the mass transit as soon as COVID-19 is over. We want to be able to move people around without polluting the air. And make it easy for them to get around using bicycle paths and pedestrian paths.”

Campbell estimates the city will vote on which proposal moves forward sometime in August or September.

Also note, City Council will have to decide if a ballot measure to lift the city’s coastal 30 ft. height limit for this site will make it to voters in November.

To make the housing goals achievable, Campbell and developers say the limit should be lifted, especially since the Midway District doesn't have ocean views, which is why the coastal limit was implemented in the first place.

You can view the proposals and leave feedback here starting Friday morning.

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