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President Obama Spends Day in San Diego

 President Barack Obama will spend the day in San Diego Sunday for what may be one of his last visits as commander-in-chief. 

Air Force One touched down at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar around 7:50 p.m. Saturday after a stop in Los Angeles. He will stay in Rancho Sante Fe overnight with no public events planned.

On Sunday, the president stopped by Torrey Pines Golf Course to play golf. 

Obama will return to Washington, D.C. on Monday. 

On Air Force One with President Obama was Congressman Scott Peters. Peters represents the 52nd Congressional District, which includes Carmel Valley, Point Loma and Downtown.

Saturday night, Peters told the crowd at MCAS Miramar that he spoke with Obama about some issues on the President's mind, such as gun control and climate change.

"I talked to him a little bit about the military budget and some of the energy climate issues we share concerns about it," Peters said. "I think he was obviously relieved to be done with his work in Los Angeles and come to San Diego to get some relaxation."

Peters said he also spoke with the president about his trip to Oregon.

The visit will have an impact on at least on local business. 

Buzz Fink, owner of Skydive San Diego, said he is being forced to shut down for two days because of the president's visit. 

The FAA notified him earlier this week about a flight restriction for Sunday and Monday, Fink said.

During previous presidential visits, Fink said, he was only asked to stop flying during the time the president is in the air, but never for two full days. 

The weekend is Skydive San Diego's busiest time, he said, and canceling about 150 jumps during that time will cost the business a lot of money. 

"Probably 10 or $15,000 dollars on the Sunday is what we're losing, but also the staff losing pay and not being able to work, we staff close to 40 people," Fink told NBC7. 

He says they are trying to reschedule as many jumps as possible and will be issuing refunds to whoever can't reschedule. 

Obama was not the only politician in town Saturday. GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee got a first-hand look at the fence that runs along the U.S. - Mexico border during a visit to San Diego.

The last time Obama visited San Diego was in May 2014.

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