Pot Plants Discovered After House Fire

Neighbors say they saw smoke and flames shooting from the upstairs balcony of a Chula Vista home but it was what crews found inside that turned a fire scene into a crime scene.

Firefighters found up to 80 pot plants inside the home on Pelican Pt. Court , according to Deputy Fire Chief Chula Vista Fire Dept. Jim Garcia.

"Units went inside and were doing interior fire attack to knock the fire down and as that was going on they came across multiple rooms full of marijuana plants,” he said.

Fire crews say there were two people home at the time of the fire. One of the residents reported hearing a popping noise. Firefighters say that person opened a door, saw flames then closed the door and got out.

Officials say the fire spread to both the first and second story of this 2400 sq foot home.

As for the marijuana found inside -- fire officials say the resident told police he has a medical marijuana use permit for the plants.

But because of the large number of pot plans found here at this home police are conducting a criminal investigation.

The fire was knocked down and no one was hurt.

Fire fighters are investigating the cause of the blaze but they say there were a large amount of electrical modifications done to the home to help grow the plants.

They say it's likely a short in that electrical system may have sparked the fire.

Fire crews say about 40% of the home was damaged by fire.

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