Panda-monium takes Down Panda Cam

Zoo's panda cub born Wednesday

The San Diego Zoo's pandas have become such cyber-cuties that their Panda Cam got caught in a popularity crunch.
The online camera, which monitors 300-pound mom Bai Yun and her 4-ounce, 1-day-old cub, crashed Thursday morning due to increased Internet traffic, zookeepers said. Their blogs went down about the same time.
The Web cam was down for about 30 minutes, zoo spokeswoman Jenny Mehlow said Friday, while the blogs have been up and down since the crash and no solution has been found.
Mehlow said Panda Cam had more than 729,000 hits on its backup site Thursday, though most statistics were lost in the crash.
Bai Yun gave birth to the cub Wednesday. It's her fifth cub and only the 14th panda in the United States. Following Chinese tradition, the cub will not be named until its 100 days old.

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