WATCH: Padres Manager Says, “Enough of This!”

7-0 loss leads Pat Murphy to address the state of his team

The Padres lost to the Mariners 7-0 on Wednesday afternoon at Petco Park. Starter James Shields only allowed two runs in 6.2 innings but the game got out of hand when Kevin Quackenbush gave up four runs (three earned) in 1.1 innings.

However, that didn't matter because once again the Padres showed an alarming allergy to wood. In their short, 2-game set against Seattle, here's how the San Diego offense performed:

18 innings
4 hits
0 runs
17 K
0-7 with runners in scoring position

Now, we could write it up to just one of those little stretches where the Friars ran in to a couple of good pitchers who are throwing well, which they did. But when you consider the Padres have now been shut out a league-high 13 times this season (in 80 games) this is not just a rough stretch.

It's become painfully obvious that this is who this team is. At least, for right now. However, if things are going to change, that change could be coming immediately.

Manager Pat Murphy said when he arrived in San Diego that he was going to take a couple of weeks and get a good feel for what was going on in the clubhouse without being too invasive. It's a good plan: diagnose the problem before deciding on a solution. After Wednesday's loss Murphy shared what he thinks is ailing his team in a refreshingly honest way.

(you can see it in the video below)

Padres manager Pat Murphy offers his honest assessment of what’s wrong with his team.

With 82 games left to play the Padres are six games under .500 and are staring down by far their toughest road trip of the season, a 10-game jaunt through St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Texas. This is one of those roadies that do one of two things to a season: kill it or resuscitate it.

If Murphy is going to institute his law, this is the time to do it.

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