San Diego

Padres Fan Catches Foul Ball in Her Beer, Chugs to Crowd's Approval

What she did after catching the ball is probably what any San Diego beer lover would do.

A Padres fan's sweet seat behind the plate got even sweeter Tuesday night when a foul ball shot over the screen and kerplunked in her beer.

Somewhat astounded, the woman stood up and presented the baseball-beer float to the people of Petco Park to a roaring applause.

The cheers quickly escalated to pandemonium when she toasted and went bottoms up with the ball still in her cup.

The Padres ended up losing the game 14-1, but everyone at the yard left with the prize of having seen the Most Valuable Chug of the season.

UPDATE: Her name is Gabby DiMarco and, yes, she's as awesome as we thought, and, no, she's not single.

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