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‘Our Hearts Go Out to You': Managers, Owners of San Diego LGBT Bars and Nightclubs Asking for Increased Security in Face of Tragedy

"Our hearts go out to you in this tragic time. We’re thinking about you," the manager of Urban Mo's said. "Our thoughts are with you."

Following a deadly shooting at an LGBT Orlando nightclub, owners and managers of some of San Diego's nightclubs and bars are calling for ramped up security.

A gunman armed with an assault-type rifle and handgun stormed into the crowded nightclub, killing at least 50 and wounding 53. The massacre marks the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Lukas Volk, the manager of Urban Mo's, a nightclub and bar in San Diego's popular Hillcrest neighborhood, said owners of LGBT bars and clubs in Hillcrest are asking to meet with the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) police chief about increased security in the face of the tragedy.

Volk said Mo's has had their TVs on the news all morning and he was horrified to hear of the news. 

"We’re just saddened and shocked that something this massive could have happened to our own brothers and sisters," Volk said. 

Volk, a Florida native, said the massacre touches home for him. 

"We have tons of friends and family who live in the community and we’re going back and forth all the time performing, having guest performers, it definitely touches our community no matter where it happens," Volk said.

Though he has never been to the nightclub, he said he has been out in Orlando and cannot imagine what the community is going through. 

"Our hearts go out to you in this tragic time. We’re thinking about you," Volk said. "Our thoughts are with you."

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