North Park Mom Whose Garage Was Vandalized Gets New Door Free

She is thanking the community for their help

A North Park mom whose garage was tagged with graffiti is getting a brand new garage door installed free of charge. 

"I have so much gratitude," said Lisa Rigg. "It was just awesome that people are willing to do that for us." 

After a local company saw the NBC 7 report, they contacted Rigg and said they would install a new door for her. 

In March, the mother awoke to find her home vandalized. 

"There were big old black graffiti gang signs on the garage," said Rigg. "I felt targeted. I felt really sad. I felt like our home had been violated." 

She tried to scrub the letters off for hours with paint thinner, but it was not working. 

The next day, a kind neighbor anonymously painted over the vandalism for her using white paint.   

After Rigg talked to NBC 7 about it, Jerry Leone, owner of 'A Garage Door and Gate Store' called Rigg to tell her he was going to give her a new garage door and install it for free. 

"We like to help the community as much as we can," said Leone. 

Monday morning, a crew took about two hours to replace the old door with a brand new one. It saved Rigg about $1,000 total. 

"It's amazing!" exclaimed Lisa. "It looks so good. It looks better than the original!" 

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