San Diego

Normal Heights Community Leaders Push New Plan to Tackle Homeless Issue

The Adams Avenue Recreation Council seeks to establish park curfews to drive away homeless.

The Adams Avenue Recreation Council in Normal Heights is aiming to establish park curfews to drive away homeless in their neighborhood.

Community members are concerned over campgrounds being set up on the south end of Ward Canyon Park and the Adams Avenue Recreation Center.

“I used to go run at night and I've been noticing lately that there are more and more people, more homeless people,” said Kevin Lara, who lives a block away from the recreation center.

The council voted Tuesday to seek approval to set up curfews at both parks. The goal is to have the curfew implemented into the City of San Diego's municipal code. 

Law enforcement would be able to patrol and cite those breaking the curfew.

The council believes the curfew will create a way for police to record the number of problems in the area.

They said the next step is to get approval from the city's Department of Parks and Recreation.

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