No Classroom, No Problem: Students Adjust to Virtual High School

SET High goes virtual in response to school closures due to coronavirus. Staff met on Friday and by Monday, virtual school was a reality ..

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A charter school in Kearny Mesa is showing its flexibility and innovation in dealing with the school closures due to the coronavirus by turning its regular school classrooms into virtual classrooms over the weekend.

"I’m at home inside my bedroom,” said Ms. Erica Gibson who teaches 12th grade English at School for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET) High School in Kearny Mesa. “We have class online. We’re learning about The Crucibles."

Students are online at home, too, ready to learn. Meantime, the class’ academic coach, Kayla Solmonsson, is at the school ready to give one-on-one help to students.

Virtual learning may not be a new idea, but it is new to the students at this school, which is known for its innovative subject matter which includes leadership classes, marketing classes, and classes in strength of mind and body -- part personal growth and part physical education.

As fr student reviews, ninth grader Anthony Steinhauer said, “I’m learning as much, yes. It’s just that you don’t get the hands-on learning as in a classroom.”

Felow ninth grader Kayla Jeffery said she is happy they are all here and healthy.  “I do feel a lot more comfortable not catching whatever the virus is.”

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