New Sheriff Gets His Badge

Bill Kolender steps down

A former FBI official has been sworn in as San Diego County's first new sheriff in 15 years.

Bill Gore took the oath of office Thursday. He replaces retiring Sheriff Bill Kolender, who announced in April he was stepping down because of his wife's declining health.

The county Board of Supervisors appointed the 61-year-old Gore to serve out the remaining year of Kolender's four-year term in an unanimous vote last month. Gore was second-in-command to Kolender since Dec. 2005 and spent more than 30 years in the FBI.

Gore told supervisors before the vote that he wanted San Diego to be the "safest urban county" in the nation.

He is among five law enforcement officials planning to run for sheriff next year.

Kolender was 73 years old when he announced his retirement and has been in poor health. He retired as the oldest of California's 58 county sheriffs. He began his career in law enforcement as a San Diego police officer in 1956.

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