Mountain Communities Want You to Enjoy Snow Responsibly

Residents in Julian are asking, once again, that you follow a little snow etiquette if you decide to drive up the mountain

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Thinking of heading up the mountain to Julian to play in the snow? If so, the locals will welcome you with open arms so long as you practice a little common courtesy.

We're not anti-tourism. We're just anti-disrespect. Pay attention to where you are. Ask yourself, is this something I would want happening to my house? Is this something I want happening in my town?

Julian resident Holly Ann Staub

A dusting of snow transformed the already scenic town of Julian into somewhat of a winter wonderland.  And while business is booming, big crowds bring along a familiar problem: Many visitors are just not being respectful.

Drivers are haphazardly parking their vehicles in red zones, and in front of driveways and fire hydrants. One business owner told said deputies had to kick people out of the cemetery over the weekend because they were sledding over grave sites.

Locals of course, know all of this comes with the territory. They’re just asking, once again, that visitors be considerate.

“We are pro tourism, we love having the tourism here. Please just be respectful and remember: people live here. We have to pick up your trash when you leave,” Staub said.

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