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Mother of Missing Woman Looking for Answers

Cruse was last seen at five in the morning, on Feb.19 near Sunset Cliffs

A mother from Arizona is devastated after her daughter disappeared two weeks ago near the Sunset Cliffs area of San Diego.

What was supposed to be a short vacation for 30-year-old Amanda "Mandy" Cruse, has turned into her family’s longest nightmare.

Cruse was last seen at five in the morning, on Feb.19 near Sunset Cliffs.

“It was very dark at that time of the morning,” said Rosemarie St. Michael. ”It was rainy and very windy because of the storm on the 19th and that Sunday.”

Cruse's family confirmed she had made the trip down to San Diego during President’s Day weekend. She left Scottsdale early Saturday morning and made it to San Diego in the afternoon.

She checked into the Cabrillo Inn & Suites in the afternoon, then headed to the Sunset Cliffs to take pictures on her cellphone of sunset.

The next morning, she left the hotel before 4:30 am.

Her family said surveillance footage on Monaco Street showed that Cruse had parked her car at 5:02 a.m. She put her backpack and purse in the back seat, locked the car. She also left her cell phone in the car.

Rosemarie, Cruse's mother talked to neighbors on the block, looking for answers.

“We’re trying to figure out’s a big why," she said.

“She is a free spirit,” Rosemarie said. “She is very independent. She travels a lot, she goes on her own and this trip was really planned for October but she’s spontaneous. She had never been to San Diego."

Detectives with the San Diego Police Department have opened a missing persons investigation.

Investigators are not considering the case suspicious at the time.

Anyone who has information on Cruse's whereabouts are asked to contact their local police department.

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