Mission Beach Woman Awakens to Stranger Kneeling at Her Bed

The woman’s boyfriend chased the man out of the Reed Avenue home, police said.

A Mission Beach woman woke up Monday and found a stranger kneeling by her bed, San Diego police said.

Officers were called to the home on Reed Avenue near Mission Boulevard at 4 a.m. The neighborhood is just a block east of the beach and two blocks south of Grand Avenue.

The woman’s boyfriend chased the man out of the home, police said.

No one was arrested.

Neighbors who said the woman was shaken were still unsettled by the incident late Monday afternoon.

"It's just really, really scary and really creepy," said Diana Fam, a next-door neighbor. "To do that in an apartment complex where there's so many other people around that could be watching for him, for him to take that kind of risk is really scary."

A close friend of the woman told NBC 7 the man did not touch the woman or steal anything but did put his face close to hers as she slept.

"It was pretty crazy," said neighbor Cory McMullen. "It was like 4 a.m. and I heard them yelling and a bunch of loud noises. I was just waking up so I thought there was an earthquake or something."

McMullen said neighbors chased the man into an alley where he disappeared into the night.

He said the man was a dark-skinned male with short hair in his 20's to 30's wearing a white shirt. Witnesses did not get a very good look at him because it was dark and he was running away, McMullen said.

San Diego police searched nearby backyards with flashlights.

Officer Billy Hernandez said it is too early to tell if the incident was isolated or not.

"Northern Division is currently investigating this incident," Hernandez wrote in an email.

It is not yet known if the victims had their doors and windows locked.

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