Military families speak out about hold on military nominations

Members of the non-partisan group along with family members of active service members delivered a petition to Senate leaders

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Many military nominations have been on hold since February. A lone Senator is the reason for the senatorial hold that is holding up the military appointments of hundreds of service members

Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama is holding up the nominations in protest of the Defense Department’s abortion policy.

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the DOD implemented a policy that offers time off and travel reimbursement to service members that need to go out of state for abortion services.

“The people that Senator Tuberville are attacking right now are not the people who have any authority over the decision that he has an issue with, and so he's attacking the wrong people,” Executive Director of Secure Families Initiative Sarah Streyder said.

Members of the non-partisan group along with family members of active service members delivered a petition to Senate leaders.

“We organized a petition that garnered over 550 signatures so far of loved ones, of actively serving military service members and veterans who are frustrated at the uncertainty that the entire military has been thrown into due to the political stunt of a single senator,” Streyder said.

Streyder said Senator Tuberville’s actions are disrupting the lives of many people

“These are 281 families who are in perpetual limbo. You've got folks who are trying to decide, do I go ahead and move to the next duty station in hopes that this promotion comes through? If so, I'm going to have to pay out of pocket for that move because it's not been processed. Or do I stay behind and wait? Spouses may have already quit their job, so they may be in some job limbo,” Streyder said.

Streyder met with Senator Mitch McConnell’s staff but was not able to secure a meeting with Senator Tuberville.

“We had a great sit down with Senator McConnell's staff. We really appreciated the time that they took to hear our stories. We were unable to meet with Senator Tuberville. We heard later he was busy at a fundraiser. So, whenever he's done with his luncheons, we would love the chance to sit down with him and convey these real-life impact stories face to face,” Streyder said.

President Biden continues to announce more military nominees as Senator Tuberville continues his hold.

Streyder will continue to speak out on the issue and details should not be a partisan step to proceed.

“Of course. This is our future. These are our lives. We don't have any other choice,” Streyder said.

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