Michelle Branch: Hopeless Romantic

Michelle Branch is on the comeback road -- with a certain Black Keys drummer in tow

The couple that plays together, stays together -- right? If you’re planning on attending Michelle Branch’s upcoming July 22 show at Music Box, you’ll undoubtedly see another famous face onstage, albeit a bit upstage. Turns out Patrick Carney, who you might recognize as the drummer of famed retro blues/rock duo the Black Keys, has joined Branch’s touring band and will be rocking the skins come show time.

Seem like an odd choice? Only if you haven’t been following all the latest music "news" like we have. You see, the two musicians met in 2015 and worked together on Branch's recently released comeback album, "Hopeless Romantic" (her first in 14 years). Carney originally came onboard as the record’s co-producer, but eventually the “Lonely Boy” drummer and the "Are You Happy Now?" singer/songwriter ended up in each other's arms.

According to Branch, the attraction was undeniable. The multiplatinum-selling artist told Billboard earlier this year that they "started realizing that we were completely falling in love" during the sessions for her new album and added: "Pat has said, 'I remember seeing you on MTV in the early 2000s and thinking you were really cute.' " Hey, didn’t we all?

The Grammy-winning couple hit the gossip mill full force just a few days ago when they announced their engagement on July 2, which was also Branch's 34th birthday. For inquiring minds, Carney proposed right before she blew the candles out on her birthday cake. Not too shabby, bud.

You could say Carney's transition from producer to boyfriend to fiance to bandmate is a logical progression. However, if there's one thing we've learned throughout the history of rock music, playing in a band with your better half doesn't always turn out as rosy as you’d hope (for starters, just look up Lindsey Buckingham/Stevie Nicks). Here’s to hoping they buck the trend and enjoy a long and fruitful future together. 

Michelle Branch headlines Music Box on Friday, July 22, with Haerts opening. Tickets are available here.

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