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Medical Examiner Identifies Toddler That Drowned in La Mesa Pool

The San Diego County Medical Examiner (ME) has identified the toddler who drowned in a La Mesa pool Tuesday. 

Jack Ferguson, 2, was found in the pool around 9 a.m. Tuesday on the 7200 block of Princeton Avenue in San Diego, police said. Authorities have ruled the drowning accidental. 

The parents put the young boy to bed last night, and when they went to check on him this morning, they discovered the child was not in his bed, La Mesa Police Lt. Chad Bell said. 

The initial investigation led officials to believe the boy snuck out of his bed sometime Tuesday morning and went out to the pool through a glass slider, Bell said. 

The parents believe they locked the slider, Bell said, so it is unclear how the door was opened. 

When the parents found their son in the pool later that morning, they immediately began CPR, Bell said. 

Paramedics arrived and took the boy to Grossmont Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. 

Bell said accidents like this are "absolutely, 100 percent avoidable." 

"It is very important that if you have a pool with toddlers, to secure your house before you go to bed at night and to ensure to have that fence around the pool," Bell said.

No further information is available. 

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