Mayor Filner Recall Efforts Join Forces

“We are all united to let the citizens decide,” Stampp Corbin said

Three local activists leading the effort to recall embattled Mayor Bob Filner are now joining forces.

Land use consultant Michael Pallamary and activist Elisa Brent joined LGBT Weekly publisher Stampp Corbin in the Civic Center Plaza to announce they will work together to recall the mayor.

"The whole endeavor is unifying to just get the city back to work, and get rid of this reprehensible individual," Pallamary told NBC 7.

Separate notices of intent to launch recalls of the mayor were published after allegations of sexual harassment were made. The group will move forward with the petition filed by Brent and Pallamary.

“We are all united to let the citizens decide,” Corbin said.

Mayor Filner has apologized for disrepecting and even intimidating women in the past. On July 26, he announced he would enter a two-week clinic in order to work on the inappropriate behavior alleged by a former employee, constituents and high-profile female leaders in San Diego including a retired Navy admiral, a staff member for a local university and an official with the San Diego Port Tenants Association.

Timeline: Mayor Under Fire

They don’t plan on spending a lot of money on the effort. They’re asking businesses, industries and activists to mobilize their followers to get the petitions and circulate them.

“If you believe you want the mayor to resign then engage all the people who helped elect you,” Corbin said to the elected officials who have called on Filner to resign.

However, they will accept donations to hire paid signature gatherers.

“Everyone out there, send us some money, send us a check,” Pallamary said. The recall effort has posted a link on its Facebook page for people to donate.

The group also suggested citizens visit the website of the San Diego City Clerk's office to educate themselves on the recall process.

Special Section: Mayor Under Fire

Not everyone wants to see the mayor resign or recalled.

South Bay resident Myra Arfaro told NBC 7 she's more concerned about what Filner is doing for communities than the ongoing scandal. She said she wants him to stay in office.

On Tuesday, City Councilmember Marti Emerald said she wanted to see Filner take time to undergo therapy.  She said she wanted Filner to decide what he needed to do to end the scandal but would not call for his resignation. Watch the video

That same day, Filner's Chief of Staff Lee Burdick appeared on national television and said Filner can still lead the city because he's surrounded by "sophisticated advisors." 

On July 18, community activist Enrique Morones led a public gathering in support of Filner and argued that the mayor deserves due process in court.

Pallamary and Corbin will also appear on NBC 7's Politically Speaking with Gene Cubbison this Sunday August 4 at 9 a.m. on NBC 7.

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