Chula Vista Shuts Down Illegal Marijuana Dispensary, Brings Total Closures to Almost 40 in 3 Years

A Chula Vista cannabis dispensary was shut down by the city for selling marijuana unlawfully.

This was the second time the building operated an illegal dispensary in two years, according to the City of Chula Vista.

The Chula Vista Police Department acted on an abatement warrant for the business, the city said. This type of warrant involves “public nuisances,” according to the city.

Unpermitted construction, electrical violations, and lack of licensing are some of the reasons for a “public nuisance” to be shut down.

The now-closed dispensary was on Third Avenue.

The City of Chula Vista said it shut down nearly 40 illegal dispensaries in the past three years.

Many dispensaries continue to pop up throughout Chula Vista, while the city struggles to keep up.

The City Attorney’s Office plans on creating a prosecution unit to shut down more illegal businesses.

In 2016, private use of marijuana was declared legal statewide after Prop 64 passed. But local governments could continue to ban its commercial activity.

In March 2018, the city approved an ordinance that would allow them to regulate the up-and-coming economy; however, all marijuana sales remains prohibited.

Measure Q on this November’s ballot could decide the fate of marijuana dispensaries and manufacturers in Chula Vista.

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