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Man shot by SDPD while holding baby, officer who shot him are both ID'd

The man was found in a bush with the 11-month-old child. After being ordered to come out, at least one officer fired a round at the man, striking him at least once, investigators said. The baby was unharmed

SDPD officers shoot man with baby near 47th Street trolley stop after domestic-violence call, investigators say.

Officials with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, which is investigating the weekend shooting of a man holding a baby, released the identities on Thursday of the suspect and the SDPD officer who shot him.

Steffon Nutall, a 29-year-old resident of San Diego, was shot late on Sunday night by San Diego police officer Robert Gladysz, who has been with the force for 18 months, according to deputies investigating the incident.

The man was suspected in a domestic-violence incident. NBC 7's Audra Stafford reports. 

The sheriff's department said that Nutall took off from his ex-girlfriend's home with their 11-month-old baby late Sunday before he was tracked down and shot by Gladysz near an MTS trolley stop in Chollas View, investigators said Monday.

The incident began at 10:20 p.m. Sunday when SDPD officers were called to an apartment by a woman who said her ex-boyfriend was threatening to shoot her through the door, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department said. Fearing for her life, investigators said, she let Nutall in, and he immediately grabbed the girl and left.

Nutall was spotted leaving the apartment with the baby as officers arrived, according to deputies, and he fled toward the Orange Line's 47th Street Trolley Station and then into a nearby apartment complex.

Police located Nutall hiding in some bushes with the child, whom he was holding, and Gladysz, a patrol officer assigned to the Southeastern Division, shot him deputies said, though they did not provide any details on what prompted the shooting. Deputies investigating the shooting said that Gladysz was unaware Nutall was holding the baby at time he was shot.

They did say, however, that officers ordered him to come out and that Gladysz fired a round at the man, striking him at least once, San Diego County Sheriff's Department Lt. Mike Krugh said.

Officers began lifesaving measures at the scene, which continued until paramedics arrived, who took Nutall to the hospital where he underwent surgery, Krugh said. He is expected to survive.

The baby was not harmed physically in the incident and and was returned home, Krughsaid. Her mother was also unharmed.

SDSO investigators found one firearm at the scene and said at the time that they believed they would find others.

Gladysz has been placed on paid administrative leave, per SDPD policy.

The sheriff's department is investigating the shooting due to a memorandum of understanding that limits law enforcement agencies from investigating their own officer-involved incidents.

Part of the investigation will look into why the officer opened fire with a child so close, Krugh said.

Nutall has been charged with kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, exhibiting a firearm in a threatening manner,  and willful cruelty to a child with the potential for great bodily injury or death,

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