Man Killed After Crime Spree Had Criminal Past

Adolfo Vargas Tovar, 47, had served time in prison three separate times

NBC 7 San Diego

A man who died after being shot during a SWAT pursuit last week in Bay Terraces had a criminal history, according to court documents.

Adolfo Vargas Tovar, 47, robbed a gas station, stole a car and held a man hostage before being fatally shot by police officers last Friday.

In 2006, Tovar had been arrested and charged with a felony of possessing cocaine and misdemeanor charge of driving without a license. He had also been jailed in 1987 and 2001, making him eligible for increased prison time under the Three Strikes Law.

In 2006, Tovar plead guilty to possessing a controlled substance. During the hearing, Tovar’s lawyer said he had a “longtime cocaine addiction.” Tovar was then sentenced to seven years in state prison.

It is unknown if Tovar served his full time or if he was serving parole, as the San Diego Correctional Facility office did not immediately return a call from NBC 7 San Diego.

Tovar also held a man hostage on Friday, who later told NBC 7 that Tovar entered his home and made violent threats.

“He told me, ‘Don’t go outside, I’m going to kill you.’ And so, he’s touching me, so all of a sudden, he grabbed me, so I pushed him,” he recalled.

Tovar was later shot by police officers as he was trying to escape the house.

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