Man Gets Wedged Under Truck's Seat in Smuggling Attempt

For one man trying to sneak into the U.S., freedom didn’t just mean making it over the border. It soon meant just escaping from a truck’s backseat.

At about 3 a.m. Sunday, Customs and Border Protection officers pulled over a 48-year-old woman in a 1998 Dodge pickup truck at the Otay Mesa port of entry.

While she handed over her passport, officers gave her truck a brief inspection. One of them found a man hiding underneath the rear seat of the pickup, according to CPB officials.

When they asked him to come out, they realized he had become wedged into the specially-built smuggling compartment and couldn’t get out on his own.

Officers eventually pulled a lever under the seat and freed the suspect.

He was taken into custody, and using his fingerprints, CPB officials discovered he is a 36-year-old Mexican with no legal ability to enter the U.S., they say.

Both he and the driver, a U.S. citizen, will face federal charges. The duo were taken to the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

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