Detainee Forgotten at DEA Office: Law Enforcement Source

Law enforcement source said a suspect was handcuffed and held in a small room for four days

The San Diego Drug Enforcement Administration is now investigating an incident regarding a suspect who was detained at their office for several days, allegedly forgotten about.

A law enforcement source exclusively confirmed to NBC 7 San Diego that a college student was detained during a series of drug bust arrests on Apr. 21.

He was handcuffed and held in a small room for four days at the Drug Enforcement Administration office in San Diego, according to a law enforcement source.

A media representative from the San Diego DEA would not confirm specifics regarding the incident but did say that once the DEA became aware of the situation, they notified Emergency Medical Services to make sure the detainee received proper medical care.

The DEA representative wouldn’t release the suspect’s identity.

In an email sent to NBC 7 San Diego, the DEA representative confirmed: “The individual is not currently under arrest, and we plan to thoroughly review both the events and detention procedures on April 21st and after."

Former federal prosecutor John Kirby said he’s familiar with the holding cells at the DEA office. He told NBC 7 San Diego that the rooms have no bathrooms and the suspect likely went without food or water.

Given his familiarity with the DEA, Kirby said this incident is “inconceivable” because every detainee is processed, and it would be hard to get lost in the shuffle.

“You talk about whether they might have done it intentionally, No way because somebody's career is done over this,” added Kirby.

No further information is available at this time on the suspect’s current condition.

Check back for updates on this exclusive developing story.

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