Man Charged With Tainting Beer Throughout San Diego

A man has been charged with 32 counts alleging he tainted beer at stores throughout San Diego County.

Eduardo DeJesus Cossio, 31, is charged with numerous counts of poisoning food or drink, adulteration of food and sale of adulterated items. He pleaded not guilty to the charges on Thursday afternoon.

The charging document alleges that between December 2014 and October 2015, Cossio tainted beer at numerous stores, including several Target stores throughout San Diego County and three separate Walmart stores in Chula Vista, Logan Heights and San Ysidro.

In court on Thursday, a deputy district attorney was mum on providing the specific allegations on Cossio, such as what was used to poison the beer and how he accessed the products.

It also wasn’t clear if anyone was harmed by the beer tainting.

A spokesman for the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office declined comment, saying further details would come to light in future court proceedings.

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