Man Arrested for Repeatedly Shooting Gun Into Air at Beach

A man was taken into police custody Saturday after he shot a gun into the air repeatedly at Blacks Beach.

San Diego Lifeguard Marine Lieutenant Rich Stropky told NBC 7 they got a call reporting someone yelling for help from the cliff. “We did a search from land up top and down below. We had a drone in the area and vessels in the water. We couldn’t find anything on the cliff." 

They ended up locating the man on the beach, but he was belligerent, so the rescue team backed off and called in police.

Officers brought in helicopters to oversee the situation. The man on the beach continued shooting his gun in the air towards the helicopter.

Officers then moved in towards the man. He continued to ignore all police commands so they shot rounds of bean bags towards him and eventually released the K9.

Stropky told NBC 7, “this is kind of a twist, something we don’t normally deal with." 

The man was taken into custody and was treated for the minor injury he got from the dog bite.

The beach was evacuated Saturday during the incident.

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