San Diego

Lyft Driver Hits Fallen Tree Branch in Mission Bay

A Lyft driver said he avoided what could have been a deadly situation when crashed into a fallen tree limb in Mission Bay Monday morning.

The driver, Jeffrey Young, was headed to pick up a customer and was transitioning from Ingraham Street to W. Mission Bay Drive when he struck a large tree branch that was blocking the roadway.

Young saw the branch and swerved so his car only partially struck the branch. 

He was not hurt and his car only received minor damage but he said it could have been worse if he struck the tree branch head-on.

"I would have definitely been killed," Young said. "Fortunately I veered to the left to get out of the tree but I still hit the side of it."

It was not clear if elevated winds caused the tree branch to fall but San Diego County was in the midst of a Red Flag Warning due to strong winds and low humidity at the time of the crash.

A city tree removal crew was sent to chop up the limb and remove it from the roadway. 

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