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Locals Step Up To Help Victims of Guatemala Volcanic Eruption

From setting up GoFundMe pages to sending care packages to families

People all over the world have been stepping up to help after the devastation of villages and families by the eruption of Guatemala's Volcano of Fire. 

As of Thursday, the confirmed death toll was at 99 with nearly 200 still missing. Thousands of people displaced by the eruption have sought refuge in shelters. 

In San Diego, some have been making online fundraising efforts to help victims. 

Michael Supina hopes to raise $2,000 for victims through his GoFundMe page

“We'll make care packages with food, water, and clothing. I know that masks are needed so firefighters can look for survivors,” said Supina. "Once we get the money we will reach out directly with families and facilities we can send it to."

Steve Miller is the President of Helps International and spoke with NBC 7 on the phone Thursday from Guatemala City.

“We’ve done surgeries on 150 blind people and those with cataracts,” said Miller. “It’s incredible to watch some people see for the first time.” 

Dr. Asa Morton of Escondido said he was on the trip with Helps International as a medical volunteer just a week before the volcano erupted. 

"These villages are mostly indigenous people," said Dr. Morton. "They eat what they grow. Now they have nothing. So they are living in shelters." 

Dr. Morton said Helps International is currently donating water filters to the families.

"Water filters are the greatest need after a volcanic eruption like this," said Dr. Morton. "Those displaced families need purified water." 

If you want to donate to or volunteer with Helps International click here. 

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