Local Reaction to U.S. Bombing of Syria

The bombing was in reaction to a chemical attack by President Assad on his own people

People have strong opinions about whether the bombing was the best strategy to take in response to the chemical attack in Syria. Some say the United States had no right to get involved. Others say it is about time something was done.

“If you're the big kid on the block and you're watching kids get pushed around, it's your job to do something about it,” said retired marine James Lucas. “It just became your job.” Lucas trained at Camp Pendleton. He said the situation is likely to escalate. “I think we will do standoff things for a while," referring to using air resources. “We’re a little gun shy about troops after Afghanistan and Iraq, so we just have to plan carefully and be able to justify what we do.”

A woman with her family visiting from northern California said, “I think it was too quick of a decision. It really wasn't thought out enough as far as what repercussions are going to be.” Mary Kyle said, “When you start engaging, I’m worried about what that means.”

“It’s going to lead to troops on the ground,” said 20-year-old Emilio Gonzalez who worries about his friends. “Back when Iraq happened, I didn’t have any friends in the military.” He said we need to change course now. “I feel like we’re going down the same path as we did in Iraq. We’re going to make a mess. And regret it later.”

Humberto Escamilla has family already serving in the military. One was badly injured in Afghanistan. Referring to the chemical attack, he said, “If somebody has to put their foot down, who else is going to put their foot down?” Still, he worries about the repercussions of the bombing.

Antonie Jackson agreed, “I think we did the right thing because we as human beings, we want to protect each other from evil.”

Kyle said there should have been more thought put into this move. About the chemical attack, she said “I feel for the people in Syria my heart breaks for them this is not going to help the matter.”

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