Local Acrobat Dies in Performance Fall

More than 700 people watched as a San Diego man fell to his death Tuesday during a performance in Arizona.

A report on AZCentral.com said Jose Angel Vera fell an estimated 15 to 20 feet during a charity event in Scottsdale.  According to the report, Vera, part of a five-member troupe Aerial Artistry, was unraveling his body from a sash while suspended in the air from a vertical chain.  He landed headfirst -- there was no net to break his fall.
Clark said investigators are discounting foul play, criminal or mechanical issues

Vera had been performing for 15 years the report said.

For more details on this story, read the story, "Police Chief Saw Acrobat's Fatal Fall."  You can also watch YouTube video of Angel during a previous performance in New York City.

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