Local 9/11 Stair Climb Honors Fallen Firefighters


As the 12th anniversary of Sept.11, 2001 approaches, a stair climb was held Sunday at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront to honor firefighters and other rescue workers who lost their lives that day.

Shortly after 8 a.m., over 800 participants began climbing 110 stories at the hotel, located at 1 Park Blvd, in remembrance of the sacrifice firefighters, law enforcement personnel, rescue workers and others made twelve years ago.

Each climber received a badge bearing the name and a photo of a fallen hero and symbolically completed the journey those heroes were unable to complete.

A few climbers chose to make the journey wearing firefighter uniforms and gear.

The memorial, which serves as a fundraiser and awareness event, is part of a national memorial done in advance of Wednesday’s anniversary of the attacks.

“We get more response for this event every year,” said Jerry Burkey, Executive Director of Firefighter Aid.

Burkey added that firefighters from across the country came to San Diego to be part of the event.

The morning included words from former Fire Department of New York Lt., Joe Torrillo, who was at ground zero during the attacks and survived being buried under rubble.

Along with Sunday's memorial, the Hilton Bayfront is also hosting a traveling 9/11 exhibit, which arrived yesterday and will be open to the public through Wednesday.

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