LISTEN: On Friar Podcast – How the Padres Get by Without Manny Machado

The OnFriar Podcast discusses how the Padres can keep winning without the MVP

Manny Machado's ankle injury looked horrific. But, elite athletes' bodies are different than us mere mortals. The National League MVP frontrunner was re-evaluated in San Diego on Monday. So, how is he doing?

In a special bonus episode, the OnFriar Podcast got an update straight from Petco Park.

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Darnay Tripp and Derek Togerson discuss the latest updates on Machado's health status (straight from the coaching staff) and take you inside the clubhouse to talk to the guys who will be asked to pick up the slack for Manny, including recently recalled top prospect C.J. Abrams, who shares what he learned in his first big league stint that will hopefully help him this time around.

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