Lawmakers, Environmentalists Demand Plastic Bag Ban

Could plastic bags be banned in San Diego?

A group of San Diego environmental advocates met at SeaWorld today to discuss a ban on single-use plastic bags.

The group of conservationists and business leaders said that there are multiple hazards by using plastic bags, and stressed the damage to wildlife can sometimes be deadly.

California lawmakers and local environmentalists want San Diego County to prohibit the typical plastic bags often used at grocery stores.

Currently Solana Beach is the only city in San Diego that has eliminated plastic bag use.

Representatives of local conservation groups said they are meeting with members of San Diego City Council to come up with a county-wide ban, but the discussions are still in the early stages.

“We know that plastic bags are one of the worst and most common forms of plastic pollution and one of the easiest to live without,” said Nathan Weaver with Environment California. “And that’s why over 80 California communities have already banned the use of single-use plastic bags… this is a policy that works very well.”

Proponents of the ban say it could be too expensive for businesses to make the switch, and that reusable bags can sometimes contain germs.

A Southern California plastic bag manufacturer told NBC 7 that they are working to make plastic bags more environmentally friendly.

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