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La Mesa Workspace Caters Exclusively to Women

For some moms, the pull between work and home can lead to feelings of guilt. A new working space just for moms and women that just opened in San Diego's East County aims to take some of that guilt away

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A new female-centered co-working space has opened in time for International Women’s Day.

Kristen Lucas, a former teacher, said she founded The Well out of need. The Well provides a place for moms to work and kids to play under the same roof.

Studies show women have lost more jobs during the pandemic than men.
“The Center for American Progress says that It's affecting the economy by over $64.5 billion and that the economy is losing women,” Lucas said.

The Well, tucked inside the Grossmont Mall, provides daycare and activities for kids under 5.

The pull between work and home can lead to feelings of guilt, says mother Bree Burrier.

“We have this very important responsibility of our children so anything that takes us away from them, we feel very guilty,” Burrier said.

The Well is a non-profit and is exclusively for women. The company offers scholarships to women to keep costs affordable for everyone.

“It's been nothing but an addition to my family. It's been additive in the most beautiful way,” Burrier said.

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