Lifeguards: $1.8M La Jolla Tower Is Unsafe

lifeguard tower

After a nearly one year delay, the new lifeguard tower at La Jolla Cove is finally operational - and facing criticism.

Ed Harris, of the San Diego Lifeguard Union told NBC7 the stairs are a safety hazard. He said some of the steps are not the standard seven inches high, which in the past has led to lifeguards falling and seriously injuring themselves.

“We’re in there, it’s where we want to be , but the city needs to turn around and jackhammer the stairs and do what needs to be done and it should be done as soon as possible,” Harris explained.

Harris also pointed out what he called design flaws, which included no awning on the east side of the tower to block the sun and power outlets that are on the outside of the tower rather than the inside.

The City said the $1.85 million tower is still under construction and they welcome the feedback. City officials said the stairs could eventually be replaced as the cost would be covered by the contractor.

“We want a safe environment so that when we’re running down the stairs they’re evenly matched and we don’t trip, we don’t fall, we don’t get injured because our eyes are on the victim,” Harris told NBC7.

Harris said lifeguards are aware of the issues and are taking extra precautions; the real issue is that it should never have happened in the first place.

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