Jenny Craig Named One of Best Longterm Diets: Study

Carlsbad weight loss program one of two praised in new study

Carlsbad-based Jenny Craig is one of the top weight loss programs for dieters to shed fat and keep it off, according to a new study.

The study by Annals of Internal Medicine showed people using Jenny Craig saw 4.9 percent greater weight loss after a year than those relying on dieting education and behavior counseling.

Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers were the two diet programs recommended in the study for doctors to refer patients to use.

Similarly, those who used Weight Watchers in clinical trials lost 2.6 percent more weight than people relying on just education.

Jenny Craig combines pre-planned meals and counseling with a professional consultant in a long-term weight loss plan.

The study looked at 141 different weight loss programs, but, according to published reports, only 11 of the programs had been tested in clinical trials lasting at least three months.

The research showed diets such as Medifast and Optifast showed marked weight loss after four or five months, but a lack of sustained results after nine months.

Nutrisystem also showed promising weight-loss results, but the study suggested further research on longterm benefits were needed.

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