Insight into Serial Attacker's Mind

As San Diego police continue to search for a man accused in a killing series targeting random homeless people, experts try to learn more about the suspect.

Dr. Clark Smith is the Medical Director of Recovery Works. He’s also a long-time forensics psychiatrist who has analyzed hundreds of criminals, including murderers. He is not involved in the investigation, but weighed in.

“At the heart of anyone who would do this, they’re sociopathic,” Dr. Clark said. “They don’t have the man normal human emotions…This killer wants to express rage. Wants to take power over people.”

Dr. Clark said it is very likely the man will strike again if he is not caught.

“Someone who’s done this and gotten away with it. There’s a compulsive urge to repeat it,” he said.

Dr. Clark could not talk about a possible motive in this specific case. He did says some sociopaths attack randomly out of anger sometimes triggered by a loss.

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