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In court filing, Fletcher demands written messages from accuser and $10K in legal fees

New motions filed by Nathan Fletcher show that he is calling on Grecia Figueroa to provide all written communications between him and the former MTS employee, plus legal fees

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For the first time since he resigned from his position as San Diego County Supervisor, NBC 7 is now hearing Nathan Fletcher’s side of the story in motions that were filed in San Diego Superior Court on Thursday, Aug. 10.

Fletcher, who was also chair of the Metropolitan Transit Board, was accused by a former MTS employee, Grecia Figueroa, of sexual assault.

According to Figueroa’s complaint, Fletcher groped her and sexually harassed her by pursuing a sexual relationship with her for months. Figueroa said those events led to her firing from MTS earlier this year.

New motions filed by Fletcher show that he is calling for a hearing on Oct. 27 to compel Figueroa to provide responses to his request for documents, on the grounds that Figueroa failed to produce those documents for discovery. Fletcher is asking for all written communications between him and Figueroa through text message, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter direct messaging, WhatsApp messages, emails and any other form of written communication. He is also demanding $10,720 in legal fees from Figueroa.

Figueroa’s attorney responded to NBC 7 regarding the court filings with this statement: “We’re working to produce the documents with them and this is nothing more than gamesmanship.” 

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“Mr. Fletcher has a right to discovery, and the Court should grant his motion to compel discovery responses because Plaintiff’s failure to respond to discovery is without substantial justification,” wrote Fletcher’s attorney, Danielle Moore in the motion filed on Aug. 10.

In a memorandum to the court, Fletcher’s attorney said that Figueroa’s interactions with Fletcher were consensual. The attorney says, because of that, Fletcher has asked Figueroa to produce the entirety of their communications together.

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“This request was simple and straightforward, and compliance should have been easy. Indeed, Plaintiff included numerous, out-of-context quotations and screenshots from their conversations throughout her sensationalized Complaint. These messages indisputably remain in her possession. Curiously, Plaintiff has refused to produce a single text, photo, video or voice recording in discovery,” the motion reads.

The motions goes on to say that Fletcher knows the truth about his interaction with Figueroa and is eager to clear his name of legal wrongdoing and that after reviewing the complaint found that the lawsuit was an inaccurate and misleading narrative. 

Fletcher's court filings are below:
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