Illegal Gambling Operation Found in Chula Vista: Police

While investigating an assault at a Chula Vista building, police discovered what they are calling an illegal gaming and gambling operation. 

Now, the Chula Vista Police Department, the Department of Justice and the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office are involved in the investigation.

On July 9, patrol officers were called to a building at the corner of Anita Street and Broadway. They were told a man had been badly beat up there. Upon arrival, they found a man in front of the building with serious head injuries.

Chula Vista Police Lt. Fritz Reber told NBC 7 the injury was a "coincidental incident" related to gambling going on there, but it was not a direct result of it. He said the victim and his alleged attacker may have been patrons of the business. The victim is a known gang member with a felony warrant.

"We have done prior investigations at that location related to illegal gambling. [Our] Special Investigation Unit is aware of the investigation," said Reber. "They have done enforcement there. They have identified several individuals that are involved in the business."

The evening of the attack, police obtained a search warrant to try to get surveillance video of the assault.

When they got into the building, they found the illegal gaming operation in a backroom. It was equipped with dozens of computer monitors and office chairs.

“The business itself accepts money from patrons. They give them credit on casino-based games on a computer and after players can cash out,” said Lt. Reber. “Essentially the business would be a conduit for online gaming. “

According to Lt. Reber, no one has been arrested yet in connection to the illegal gaming operation.

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