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‘I Get Down': Tommy Pham Says He'd Fight Luke Voit Over Plate Collision During Padres-Reds Game

Reds catcher Tyler Stephenson landed on the injured list for at least seven days while the team monitors him for a concussion

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Cincinnati Reds outfielder Tommy Pham, a former San Diego Padre, extended an invitation to the Padres' Luke Voit to box, fight or "whatever" over Voit's collision at the plate with Reds catcher Tyler Stephenson Tuesday night.

In the clubhouse after the game, Pham told Bally Sports he could even arrange a proper venue for the fisticuffs.

The collision happened as Voit, who was traded to the Padres this spring, was attempting to score on a single to left field in the opening frame.

The relay to Stephenson was ahead of Voit, but it was offline and led Stephenson into Voit's path. Voit appeared to slide in a direct line toward the plate, but Pham and Reds shortstop Kyle Farmer, who delivered the relay, weren't pleased with the way Voit's arms came down on Stephenson, who was on his knees leaning into Voit's path in an attempt to make the tag.

"I didn't like it. I didn't like it. I don't like it at all," Pham said. "They can say what they want. Everybody on that side, man, they know I get down. I know a place here, I know an owner who would let me use his gym if we need to settle anything. So they can take it whatever. That play was dirty."

As he slid, Voit's hands and arms made contact with Stephenson's upper body and head. It appeared intentional, according to Pham.

"The way his hands hit him. It was dirty as f---," Pham said. "I don't like it at all. The way his hands hit him in the face, it was dirty. If Luke wants to settle it, I get down really well. Anything. Muay Thai, whatever. Like I said, I got an owner here who will let me use his facility. So f--- it, I'm out."

Farmer likened the contact to a wrestling move, accusing Voit of grabbing Stephenson's head and slamming it to the ground.

"It looked like a wrestling move to Tyler's head, and snapped it down," he said.

Reds manager David Bell said he didn't have an issue with the play.

Umpires didn't deem Voit's slide illegal according to the rules, but he was called out at the plate because Stephenson held onto the ball through contact.

The Padres won all three games against the Reds at Petco Park. They'll have a day off Thursday before a three-game set with the Dodgers.

Friday morning, Pham told Twitter users discussing his proposition that he doesn't hire trainers for fun.

Pham is in his first season with the Reds after spending the last two playing for the Padres. He and Voit were not teammates.

After a game last July, Pham brought up his fighting abilities as he spoke with reporters virtually about vulgar heckling.

"That's not something you would say to me face to face ... I'm a very good fighter. I don't do muay Thai, kung fu and box for no reason," he said.

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