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How To Complain On Social Media And Get Results

Consumer Reports explains how consumers can use social media to get through to a company.

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Sitting on hold over the phone waiting to talk with a customer service representative might be a thing of the past.  Consumer Reports says social media can be a much more powerful way to get results quickly.

More and more consumers are turning to social media to get results. The appeal of using Twitter is that it’s typically very public and easily searchable, and companies are limited in their ability to hide complaints.

Here are some tips to make complaining by social media more effective:

  • First, target an active verified account, one that’s regularly monitored.
  • Never post private information in public places. This is especially important for Facebook and Twitter. Only disclose that type of info through direct messages when you know you’re chatting with a company representative.
  • Be honest. Exaggerating your claim won’t help you get better service.
  • Always be respectful. A positive attitude may result in a positive outcome.

Companies recognize the power of social media. They know that a negative complaint can reflect badly on them.

Here’s another tip if you want to use Twitter for customer service help. To make your tweet more public, don’t begin it by mentioning the name of the company. Instead, place it within a phrase. Then it will appear in the timeline of everyone who follows you.

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