Homeowners Insurance Canceled Due to Fire Threat

Insurance companies drop thousands of customers

Curtis Boyer, from El Cajon, used the same insurance company for nearly 30 years for his homeowner's insurance. But the retired 78-year-old was recently notified that his fire insurance coverage was not being renewed.

Boyer saw wildfires come within a mile of his home back in 2003, but since then, he's made significant changes around his house.

"I got six Rainbirds on my roof," said Boyer, referring to the six sprinklers he had installed on his asphalt roof. He has also replaced grass, bushes, and weeds with cactus and other succulents. But it has not made a difference. He received a letter saying his policy would be canceled.

"I was upset," said Boyer. "Because I couldn't understand it."

He said the insurance company said one of the reasons he was being canceled was because his home is next to a "commercial structure." That structure is a water tower.

"I think they're using what you see here as an excuse to get rid of me," said Boyer.

In 2018, 14,225 home insurance policies were either canceled or not renewed in San Diego County, according to the California Department of Insurance.

Fortunately for Curtis Boyer, he found another insurance company that would insure his home, but he says the policy will be $1,200 more expensive than his last policy.

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