Hiker's Death a Warning in Hot Temperatures

We now know the name of the hiker who died at Three Sisters Falls this weekend.

Twenty-seven-year old Robert De La Cruz Carpio, known as Robbie to family and friends, went hiking at Three Sisters Falls Saturday afternoon.

During the late-afternoon hike, he suddenly collapsed. Medics responded but he was pronounced dead on the scene. Cal Fire Officials say he died on the trail from heat exhaustion

“He liked going out there. He liked living life. That location is a place he had gone before hiking,” said Helen End, Robert’s Aunt.

San Diego trails are popular places for hikers but have proved dangerous when temperatures climb. Back in July a woman died from heat stroke at Cedar Creek falls as temps hit 100 degrees. Just last month, 21 year old Collin Barnes died while going for a run up to Flat Top mountain.

“Hydration, hydration, hydration. That's not hydrating the day of, it's hydrating the day before," said Sgt Don Parker, San Diego Sheriff's Department's Search and Rescue Coordinator.

He says hikers need to be prepared, especially in this heat.

“When it's hot, 90 to 100 degrees or more, you need to have at least a gallon of water. People say I can't drink all that water, [but] you'd be surprised how much you need.”

He says planning properly is key, meaning having enough water, the right shoes, clothing, and also knowing the right times to go hiking.

“When the sun is straight up over head it will be 80 to 90 degrees but at the bottom of the canyon it will be 100 so it makes a huge difference. Timing is important.”

Robert’s family has set up a memorial Facebook page and fund for him.

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