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Here Are 5 San Diego Projects Receiving $18M Combined From The Federal Spending Bill

Biden still needs to sign the $1.5 trillion spending plan, which he's expected to do next week

Train along the coast
Joe Little, NBC 7

Five San Diego County projects targeting a wide range of issues from infrastructure to homelessness will be funded by a $1.5 trillion spending package approved by Congress this week, Sen. Alex Padilla said.

The San Diego projects will receive more than $18 million in funding after the appropriations package is signed by President Joe Biden next week, which is all but certain. The bill passed the Senate Thursday and the House last week.

Here's where the money is going:

"I am proud to have secured funding for projects in and around San Diego to improve our water and transportation infrastructure," said Padilla, D- California.

"This funding will go to local governments and community organizations that are directly serving our neighborhoods. Federal dollars will support projects to modernize our transportation infrastructure and spur economic growth."

The omnibus package, which is five months delayed, includes around $14 billion in funding for humanitarian, security and economic assistance for Ukraine and European allies in response to the Russian invasion.

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