Heat Hits San Diego and Stays Around

It's getting hot around town. But is it too hot?

It's another example of "too much of a good thing."  Sure most of us love the sun and warm temperatures but come on already - turn it down  - give us a break!

Thanks to a super-strong high pressure system, the east county turned hot Tuesday and Wednesday it will only get hotter.  We saw upper 90s in a number of spots on Tuesday. On Wednesday we add another digit; 100 degree readings are expected in El Cajon, Ramona, Campo and the Wild Animal Park.  And guess what - tomorrow will even be hotter and maybe hotter still on Friday.

This will be the hottest, prolonged heat wave of the summer.  Too bad too, because up to now the month of August has been almost gentle weather-wise with temperatures running a few degrees below the norm.  Not any more though, Mother Nature is turning up the heat and it looks like it will stay up until at least Sunday.

Just to refresh your memory in times such as these:  conserve electricity when possible to help prevent undue strain on the power grid, wear light colored clothing and drink plenty of water and don't - do not under any circumstances - leave a puppy, cat or kid in the car.  Even in the shade, the inside of a car can soar to 120-degrees or more in very short order.

By the way, if 100 isn't hot enough for you, by Friday it should be 116 in Borrego Springs.  If, on the other hand, you can't even stand it at 90 degrees then head for the beach - plenty of sunshine and highs around 77 to 80 degrees.

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