Halle Berry Shouldn't Play Me: Jewel Thief

The international jewel thief soon to be portrayed by Halle Berry on the big screen said that if she had her way, she wouldn’t have cast the Oscar-winning actress.

Doris Payne, was sentenced to jail Wednesday in San Diego for stealing an $8,900 diamond ring from a nearby Macy’s in January 2010.

From her jail cell, Payne explained how she has always felt Queen Latifah deserved the lead in the upcoming film “Who Is Doris Payne?”

“There’s something about Queen Latifah that’s me and me that’s her,” said Payne wearing gray prison sweats at the Vista Detention Center shortly after she was sentenced to the maximum five years behind bars.

“When they mentioned Halle Berry, I was kind of shocked,” she said of the actress now in a nasty custody battle.

“She’s not the person I would choose to portray me because she has a carriage about her… she don’t really know who she is,” Payne said.

The only thing keeping Queen Latifah from being a perfect fit for the role, according to Payne, is her weight. Payne said she is usually around 147 lbs. She said she doubts the actress would want to slim down for the role.

“She just let it all hang out. It doesn’t matter how much she has,” Payne said. “She just a good ole girl.”

"Who is Doris Payne?" is now in development.

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