Grand Jury Trashes Free Garbage Pickup

San Diegans may soon be paying to have their garbage picked up.   
A county grand jury recommended Tuesday to repeal of a 90-year-old ordinance that prevents the city from charging residents for garbage collection. The fees would most likely be $10 to $12 a month per household.
It costs the city $37 million a year for trash pickup and disposal. The city is looking at a $60 million budget gap next year.

Local political junkies will not be shocked to learn that there are some opponents to the plan, including City Councilman Carl DeMaio.

"Instead of imposing a garbage tax, our focus should be on a different kind of waste -- government waste of existing tax dollars," DeMaio said. "We should focus our efforts back on implementing cost saving reforms rather than imposing additional tax and fee burdens on our residents."

The City Council has 90 days to decide whether to implement the plan or decline to, or, in the grand tradition of San Diego government, study the matter further, reported the

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