Glass Spells Video Premiere: “Away From Space”

Glass Spells return with a new lead singer -- and a SoundDiego video premiere

What happens when a band replaces their electrifying lead singer? Well, there’s usually a bit of a rejuvenation to start off (ooh, shiny!), and then comes the gradual dropoff and eventual disappointment since, let’s face it, authentic onstage charisma doesn’t exactly grow on trees.

So what are the chances that San Diego-based Glass Spells not only found a new lead singer to take the place of their original frontwoman (Mellany Martinez), but discovered yet another magnetic personality to guide the band? Well, that’s exactly what happened -- as evidenced by the GS' recent resurgence with last month’s single “Rebellion,” where folks got their first taste of newcomer Suz Gonzalez, and now, with the SoundDiego video premiere of their new track, “Away From Space.”

In typical Glass Spells fashion, the campy synth-pop collective (which also includes drummer Mallory Garcia and keyboardist Michael Rascon) has churned out another disco-flavored goth head-nodder that is sure to get Crystal Castles/LCD Soundsystem fans seeing heart-eyed emojis. Not only that, but they seem to have powered through the recent band member shakeup only to emerge with even more arrestingly catchy tunes.

According to band bassist/keyboardist Anthony Ramirez, Gonzalez's adoption has been near-seamless: "She is a natural and very easy to work with. One line, she can be singing a vocal melody, and the next, she can be screaming it out. She’s a very good lyrical songwriter.... She’ll bring in vocal melodies that we wouldn’t think of as music writers.”

With the band currently prepping its new record (that they’ve spent the last few months recording at Emprise Soundlab Studios in Mexicali) for release in July, Ramirez says it'll have more of the throbbing, energetic electro sound we've become accustomed to from them, along with a few surprises.

"It's tough trying to always think outside the box," Ramirez told SoundDiego, "but this new record has a mix of everything."

Be sure to catch Glass Spells on their Damage With Care tour with Moving Units on May 25 at Show Bar (Mexicali), May 26 at the Casbah, May 27 at the Teragram Ballroom (Los Angeles) and May 28 at Brick & Mortar (San Francisco). For more information, visit the band’s Tumblr page.

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