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Friends Travel from Georgia to Pay Tribute to ‘Black Panther' at Comic-Con

'Black Panther' was a popular costume at Comic-Con 2018

Cosplay is a central part of Comic-Con and this year is no exception. One group of friends traveled by car all the way from Savannah, Georgia to dress up as the members of the box-office smash, Black Panther.

You might have seen them walking the exhibit hall of the convention center at Comic-Con Friday. It was nearly impossible for the group to go more than a few feet without a group of people stopping and asking to take their picture.

"We are longtime comic book fans so it was obvious when the movie was announced that we would definitely do this," said Jerry Pringle II, dressed as T'Challa. "We got to work whipping up the costumes and the rest is history." 

It looked as if the actual characters in the movie, T’Challa, Nakia, M’Baku, Ramonda, and Erik Killmonger, were walking around San Diego Friday. The group of friends have known each other for eight years and said they were greatly moved when the movie came out.

"Everyone could see someone who looked like them in the movie," said Cree Michelle Rogers, dressed as Nakia. "That is amazing!" 

It took the group about two months to fully prepare for their time at Comic-Con. On top of collecting all the right elements for their costumes, there was also travel arrangements to make and accents to practice.

All the members of the group rarely broke character, speaking in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Wakandan accent. 

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