Food Donation Campaign Uses Social Media to Help Those in Need

In San Diego alone, there are more than 435,000 people who live with food insecurity.

San Diego residents can help raise money for local food banks, and not just through monetary donations.

With one in six Americans fighting to put food on the table, Feeding America has started a campaign to raise awareness and give food donations to those in need.

Just in San Diego alone there are more than 435,000 people who live with food insecurity, but there are three easy ways for the community to help feed those in need.

Walmart has agreed to donate $10 for every social media post with the hashtag “We Spark Change,” or #WeSparkChange. Participants need to take a picture that includes six friends and post it to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram along with the hashtag and challenge others to do the same. Walmart will donate up to $1.5 million for this campaign on behalf of its member food bank.

This time of year is when food supplies are often running low. More than 2.3 million children in the country are living with empty stomachs, so with these simple acts of kindness that number can be lowered.

If you would prefer not participate in the social media campaign, there are other ways to help. By purchasing one of 240 food products at Walmart, food suppliers will donate a meal to a local food bank for every item purchased. Walmart customers also have the option to donate at the register at checkout, which will also support a local Feeding America food bank.

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