Five Things That Could Go Wrong on Election Day

Volunteers to offer legal services at polilng places

Monday was another day of unprecedented voter-turnout in San Diego.  Many people waited for three or more hours, wanting to make sure their voices are heard.

    Across the country, more than 10,000 volunteers will offering their legal services at polling places.  In San Diego County, there are more than 100 to help deal with potential issues voters may face.

   "We're looking for language barriers, disability access problems, long lines broken machines, things of that nature we think we can fix on the spot," said Sean Cunningham

  Cunningham said they'll be focusing their efforts on polls in the South Bay, and said they "expect Minutemen will be there to intimidate voters."

  The group, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights under Lawm has identified five things that could go wrong election day:

  1. You aren't on the Voter Rolls
  2. You forgot your ID
  3. There's a problem with your voting machine
  4. Someone challenges your eligibility
  5. The lines are long

 Attorneys will be on hand to try to help and also remind voters they don't need their ID if they showed one when they registered.

 "If you registered by mail for the very first time in California you will be required to show some form of ID at the polling place," Cunningham said.

It's not only drivers licenses or passports; ID cards and even utility bills will work. 

Another common question asked was about mail-in ballots.  The answer is if you have one, don't send it out tomorrow it will be too late and your vote will not be counted.

Voters with problems can call 1-866-OURVOTE with any problems.

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